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Our Process

Architects of Change

Empower your financial future.

Imagine all your money working optimally when it is coordinated and integrated with all of your financial products and your overall strategy.  We are a process-driven team of micro and macro strategists who are dedicated to help you understand your entire financial world through a thorough education in order to make fact based decisions that you have confidence in. Our professionals have wide experience and specialized capabilities. Through our affiliations, different members of our team able to provide comprehensive insurance planning, business planning and consulting, brokerage services (brokerage services are offered by registered professionals through Chelsea Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA), and investment management (investment advice offered by registered professionals through Fountainhead Capital Management, LLC).  All of us take the same big-picture approach:


Step 1. EMPOWER: The paradigm shift. We start our process by educating clients on what currently exists in their financial world and

Step 2. PROTECT: We develop client specific strategies based on your overall goals and objectives

Step 3. INTEGRATE: We incorporate the new strategies with your existing products and implement your new, comprehensive, holistic financial plan.

Step 4. COORDINATE: We will work with anyone in your world, if you so desire, and keep the plan fluid for life events and meet with you regularly to keep the plan updated and in motion.

EPIC WEALTH MANAGEMENT Group is leading a movement towards holistic, integrated strategies utilizing a unique process that focuses on cash flow. We help clients create a lens to look through that gives you a different perspective. We ask the right questions in order to formulate the right strategy.

We are intent on not just building wealth, but protecting it and preserving it to ensure your legacy.  Empowered by EPIC is a holistic approach to personal finance that integrates all the professionals in your life.  And instead of working at cross-purposes, all are synchronized, on the same team – coordinated by your EPIC Macro-Manager.